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Great Barrier Island – Images of a Nation (Soft Cover)



A superbly illustrated pictorial book, part of a series ‘Images of a Nation, a Journey From The heart’.

This book, by master photographers Dave Hancock and Rob Tucker, captures the unique character of Great Barrier Island situated in the Hauraki Gulf, sixty nautical miles off Auckland. The large island has a permanent population of about 800 people – all characters living the “dream” away from the stresses of city living. The winter is a time of reflection before the hoards of visitor’s double or triple the population over the summer months.

The island has enjoyed a certain isolation making the place beautiful and unique. All this remoteness is being slowly eroded as “rich” Aucklanders discover the beauty of the Islands beaches, fishing and rugged landscape. Dave Hancock and Rob Tucker have had a long association with the island both having owned property at Tryphena, the southern end. They decided to pictorially capture the island of today before the individuality is lost to real estate and development.

The result is a colourful 80 page pictorial book show casing the character and beauty of one of the gems of the Hauraki Gulf.